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Accordion - Mastering the Art DVD 

Possibly the most important DVD you will ever watch on accordion technique!

On this DVD, the renowned accordionist Murray Grainger works with student Lesley Dolman, to provide a live audience with a valuable insight into how to improve their command of this distinctive instrument … in the manner of the professionals. 

Together they explore:

• Posture

• Right and left hand technique

• Articulation

• Tone production and bellows control

Never before have accordionists of all styles had such a valuable resource of information in a practical and accessible form!





Heretique audio CD

HÉRÉTIQUE make a sound that has variously been described as:

“Vibrant experimental music from the golden age of steam.”

“An ominous mixture of opulence and decadence.”

“A surrealist soiree in a 'fin de siècle' Parisian Bordello.”

Combining three desperately unfashionable instruments (Accordion, Bagpipes and Hurdy Gurdy) Hérétique create music that is deeply rooted in European folk dance traditions and simultaneously pushes the boundaries of contemporary composition. Above all, their infectious energy and rhythmic drive is guaranteed to get you on your feet.

'I think the music is gorgeous...'

Genevieve Tudor BBC Radio



Heretique CD £13 + p&p

LinnTilla audio CD

The concept behind LinnTilla was first developed in the summer of 2004 by Murray Grainger, Steáfán Hannigan and Saskia Tomkins, all members of the former band ‘Mahogany Gaspipes’. The idea behind the new band was to explore the fusion of modern grooves with melodies and songs from the traditional world.  To this end they were joined by Cecilia le Poer Power, Dave Neville and Nye Parsons.

The creative process for LinnTilla is fascinating, because each member approaches from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  However, this is perhaps the band’s main strength, as the collision of styles triggers an explosion of possibilities, with the end result being an original and exciting blend of ideas.  Jazz, Classical, Rock, Celtic and World influences all combine to create an emotionally moving, mentally stimulating and thought provoking new sound.




Paperbird audio CD

The concept of fusing traditional music and jazz was the impetus for the formation of this exciting duo. Familiar melodies combined with a new and fresh twist produce a sound both beautiful and complex with rich harmonies, weaving lines and driving rhythms.

By using a combination of traditional and free bass accordions, fiddle and piano Murray and Amy create an eclectic mix of music from the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Europe, blended with their own original and unique compositions.






Anthology of Tunes Book

Collected in one volume, here are the tunes and compositions from the duo of Murray Grainger and Amy Thatcher

With helpful hints and tips for each melody, as well as an extensive introduction to their inimitable arrangements this book is a fantastic resource for the modern accordionist.












Anthology of Tunes audio CD

Contained on one CD is every tune from the anthology book from the duo of Murray Grainger and Amy Thatcher. Each tune is performed both unaccompanied as well as with chords, to help you learn the melody and then master the complex arrangements!








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