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Whether theme music or background sounds, the accordion is one of the most evocative sounds

Using the latest technologies to create the perfect sound for a product

Taking a simple idea or concept and working to create the ideal sound


The accordion is often heard today in films, tv shows and advertisments. Using the latest sounds and technologies Murray has created everything from short melodies to full tracks for such clients as ABC TV and Warner Brothers


As an experienced sound engineer Murray regularly puts his skills to use in the creation of music and sounds for commercial use. The accordion is in demand more and more by film and television and Murray is experienced in taking a brief and creating the sound needed.

Sounds such as French cafe music, a full Latin samba or a traditional barn dance, Murray is keen to use the accordion in as creative a way possible. Using sound modules, software and real instruments Murray crafts his tracks to create the music to fulfil the brief.

Clients include Warner Brother, ABC Television, BBC Television etc as well as working on commissions for private and business clients.


Integrating the accordion with modern sounds and grooves, Murray uses the latest instruments and software

Murray works closely with electronics giant Roland in the development of their range of electronic accordions and how to use them in the commercial world