Jun 04 2009

Have to customise your accordion!

Published by Murray at 11:25 pm under Performances

Now as many of you will have seen I did something very unusual for me and actually purchased an accordion the other weekend! Well it is fabulous.. but like all ‘off the peg’ items it is not quite perfect for me. So since I have had a few days off recently I have been spending some time tweaking!

The first thing I have done is installed some sockets and an AKG MPA V L phantom power adaptor in te left hand. Regular readers know that this is my prefered way to miking the left hand. Well normally this is a little difficult but on the Maugein it was even harder as the left plate is made of metal!! Still with the aid of a large drill and a set of files the job has been done and all is working fine!

I have also removed the original grill cloth, and the cloth from the left hand too. I have replaced this with the same open weave cloth used on my Pigini to give a much more open sound, it also looks great too!

On playing the right hand I found the key work a little noisy so I looked for every place that was echoing. Maugein use a lot of metal, particularly behind the keyboard so I removed the plate and covered it with a sheet of foam, courtesy of Hobby Craft! The behind the keyboard register switches also ratlle a little so a little sliver of cloth there sorts that out. The grill is also a little lose so more foam and material sorts that. The end result?… well a crisp and fast keyboard but beautifully quiet and subtle!! Love it!!

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