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May 26 2008

Chippenham Festival

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Well what a wet weekend we had at Chippenham Festival! Still never let it be said that the weather spoilt our fun! It did but never say it!

Again away with the lovely Jon Loomes (Heretique) you can imagine the silliness that went on, he now appears to be called ‘The Doctor’ not sure why!

Jon Loomes

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May 15 2008

New album from Heretique

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We are well on the way to completing the first album from my trio ‘Heretique’, with Jon Loomes and Mike Beeke.

The recording has gone wonderfully well, with us recording two thirds of the album in a weekend! We are now at that slow annoying stage of finishing little bits off but so far the tracks are sounding great!!

We have also engaged the services of a great young graphic designer Mark Barrett, He is on the same insane wavelength as us so he is just the man to do the artwork, and a few other daft ideas!

Visit Heretique’s new myspace page for a chance to hear a couple of rough tracks, more to follow soon!


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May 06 2008

Rochester Festival

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The weekend of the 3-6 May I was at Rochester Festival with my good friends Jon Loomes (Heretique) and Anna Elliot. We had a fantastic time, met lots of people and generally acted stupid!

The high point was doing a gig with Philip Martin. If you haven’t heard Phil’s new album then get hold of a copy now it is great! He will be appearing on Heretique’s album as a guest soon, more news of that soon!

Philip Martin

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May 03 2008

I’m back!

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Well I am back again and playing once more. I wish to say my thanks to everyone who has sent me their best wishes over this difficult time, it is very much appreciated.

It is always hard at a time like this to refocus but I owe all my successes to my parents and it would be a poor way to repay my father if I stopped now. He was always my inspiration and supporter and I would not be who I am today without him. I will miss him always

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