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Apr 28 2010


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Exciting news! Jon Loomes, from Heretique, and I have finally got sorted and are gigging as a duo. We have our debut album all planned, just got to fit it in the hectic diary! Watch this space

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May 24 2009


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Well I have been tempted…. and found wanting!!

It is a very rare thing for me to be tempted by another accordion but this weekend I have been tested and failed completely!

Whilst at Chippenham Festival I was lucky enough to come across theĀ  most wonderful accordion. Built by the renowned French factory Maugein this accordion is a 4 row C system chromatic 80 bass accordion. With a 2 voice right hand its sound is so vibrant and crisp and unlike anything else you meet.

The significant difference comes from its construction, normally reeds are mounted agaist the blocks by wax but in the Maugein they are pinned against cork. This gives it such a different sound andĀ  is something you just dont get from the normal Italian accordion. It is a sound you dont even get from my wonderful Pigini… so I had to buy it!!! Have a look at the photos and tell me you could have resisted….! Click here to have a look!

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Jan 24 2009

Heretique Gigs

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Two Heretique gigs coming up. The first is at the accordion and melodeon event happening at The Music Room in Cleckheaton. We are playing from about 17:30 for an hour so if you are free come along! Visit for more details.

We are also playing at the Cheltenham Folk Festival on Saturday 14th February, at 12pm in the Main Hall, and an acoustic set at 14:45 in the Library. For more information visit


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Nov 09 2008

Heretique’s new website and news of the album!

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Well the Heretique website is finally up! Have a look at

The album is progressing well, we will be in the studio at the beginning of December for a full live recording with the excellent recording engineer Andy Bell. More news will appear here soon.


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Jul 17 2008

Henley on Thames Festival

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On Friday 11th July I had the pleasure of playing with Steafan Hannigan, Saskia Tomkins and Elizabeth Ann Barlow at the Henley on Thames Festival. Despite a few teething problems we had a great gig, with some of the usual fun as well! Always a pleasure to play with these guys the music making is always a joy to be involved with!

Steafan Hannigan

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May 26 2008

Chippenham Festival

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Well what a wet weekend we had at Chippenham Festival! Still never let it be said that the weather spoilt our fun! It did but never say it!

Again away with the lovely Jon Loomes (Heretique) you can imagine the silliness that went on, he now appears to be called ‘The Doctor’ not sure why!

Jon Loomes

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May 06 2008

Rochester Festival

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The weekend of the 3-6 May I was at Rochester Festival with my good friends Jon Loomes (Heretique) and Anna Elliot. We had a fantastic time, met lots of people and generally acted stupid!

The high point was doing a gig with Philip Martin. If you haven’t heard Phil’s new album then get hold of a copy now it is great! He will be appearing on Heretique’s album as a guest soon, more news of that soon!

Philip Martin

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Mar 12 2008

LinnTilla to play Henley Festival

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Exciting news! Just had an email from Steafan Hannigan and LinnTilla are to play a gig at Henley Festival. We played there about 3 years ago and it is time for a revisit! May not be the whole band but will let you know! We will be playing at 7pm on Friday July 11th 2008. Maybe see you there!

LinnTilla in full flow!

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Mar 11 2008

Doncaster Accordion Extravaganza

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On Sunday 2nd March I went to the accordion extravaganza at Doncaster racecourse. Run by Harry Kipling this was an opportunity to see a wide selection of accordion players from the UK. As I had to return from London the night before, I was a bit tired to fully appreciate things!!

One highlight though was seeing my friend Sam Pirt, from 422 and many more projects! He was looking for a nice old accordion for a new Brazilian project he is doing. We looked at a few boxes and settled on a nice old Scandalli. In good condition he got himself a bargain, cant wait to hear the band!

Here is a photo of us, people seems to think we are mad! No idea what they are on about!

Murray with Sam Pirt

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